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Menopause Policy Development

Online / In person workshop with representation from HR, L&D, DEI Teams, and/or Management

This workshop brings together HR, L&D, DEI teams, and management to create a menopause policy.

Participants will discuss the benefits of such a policy, address support requirements for all employees experiencing menopausal symptoms, and understand relevant employment laws.

The workshop aims to prevent potential risks, such as low morale, conflicts, and talent loss. The outcome is a comprehensive, written menopause policy for circulation within the organisation.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand the importance and benefits of a menopause policy.
  • Identify support needs for employees experiencing menopausal symptoms.
  • Learn about relevant employment laws and protections.
  • Define expected support measures for employees.
  • Address potential risks associated with the absence of a menopause policy.
  • Create a written menopause policy for publication and circulation.

Workshop Outcome:

Participants will develop a comprehensive menopause policy that supports employees throughout the organization. The policy will ensure inclusivity, provide guidance on support measures, and mitigate risks. Its implementation will foster a respectful and supportive workplace environment.


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