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Style Your Way Through Menopause

How to style your way through menopause
By Jennifer Jones, multi-award-winning personal stylist from Your Stylist

As women, perimenopause and menopause is a time in our lives when we face several challenges – and even though not everyone suffers the same symptoms, you’ll likely experience at least one or multiple side effects during this time! But what are the ones you should look out for? Well, you’ve got the more well-known challenges, such as hot flushes and irregular periods, but there’s also a wealth of other symptoms that can affect us, including:

  • anxiety
  • low mood
  • difficulty sleeping
  • body shape changes
  • and generally, not feeling like your same self

There’s a lot I know – but if this is the first time you’re reading about this, do not fear – there’s lots of ways you can get through this and one of those ways is by styling it out!


Jennifer Jones Styling - Your Stylist
How can menopause impact your style?

Throughout our lives, our unique styles evolve, especially when we experience big changes, like having children and peri/menopause. Our style adapts and shifts at the times in our lives when we feel different and that’s because it’s a time when we most need self-discovery and self-care.

And it might sound scary, but it’s a good thing – revisiting your style, what really suits you, what feels good and boosts your confidence is a great thing to do. If anything, we should be doing it more often!

With all the side effects that come with peri/menopause, there’s a huge impact on you and what you’re wearing. Take anxiety as a perfect example – anxiety can really knock our confidence. It makes us second guess our decisions, it makes us nervous to try new things, and worry about situations that previously wouldn’t have bothered us. Think about needing to go shopping for something new, if you’re anxious, this won’t feel as easy as it might have done before. You might second guess what you need in the first place, you might not feel like you know what looks and feels good, and you might feel confused about where to even go for the items you’re looking for. The idea of shopping itself might even feel daunting and overwhelming, and you must know – if that’s how you’re feeling right now, you are not alone! As a personal stylist who is always shopping with female clients, I see and hear about these feelings all the time, it’s much more common than you might think!

Another big change that happens during peri/menopause is our body shape. So even if you’ve been super confident throughout your life about what suits you, this might be the time when you’re unsure. Or if you’ve already experienced body shape changes, you’ll know this isn’t easy. When this happens, it’s important to get to know your new body and understand what you truly feel amazing in.

It’s style to the rescue.

The good news is that your style can be the solution to helping you feel your best at a time when that is being challenged. What I’m trying to say is that your style is your friend and your tool to get you through peri/menopause. And I know you’re now thinking “how does that work?”

Stay with me… when you work with a personal stylist like me, or one of my UK-wide team, you get that real me time to rediscover yourself, understand what looks great on you, what truly feels amazing to wear and how you can be your most confident self. Sounds good right?

Whether you choose to work with a personal stylist to help you through this time, or whether you choose to go it alone is completely up to you. But in case it’s the latter, I want to give you three easy things that you can do after reading this that will help you…

Number 1: Get to know your new body shape.

There’s a great trick that you can do to determine what your body shape is (for example, pear, hourglass, inverted triangle, apple) and that’s by standing in front of the mirror face on, and drawing a straight line from your shoulders down to your hips. This will tell you whether your shoulders are narrower than your hips, in proportion, or your hips are narrower than your shoulders – a great way to find out what body shape you are! From there, you can also see whether your waist comes in in relation to your shoulders and hips, is in line, or comes out slightly.

Bingo – you have your new body shape answers and you can now look into the best body shape principles for you, as well as how to balance your proportions in a way that gives you the most confidence!

Number 2: Discover your best colour palette.

Colour analysis is another great tool that can take you from looking tired because you haven’t had much sleep, to looking wide awake and healthier with a beautiful glow – and yes, all of that happens because you’re wearing your best colours!

How do you find out what colours are your best? It’s about matching the colours you wear to your skin tone and features, for example, if you have a cool undertone to your skin, opt for cool colours. If you’ve got soft features, choose soft colours. Trust me, you’ll see the difference instantly! And by wearing your best colours, you’ll also feel on top of the world, giving you that extra boost of confidence you need right now.

Number 3: Rediscover your style personality.

Have you ever tried something on, looked in the mirror and just said “Nope – not me!”. That is the classic example of when an item of clothing just doesn’t feel right and is truly not for you. However, if you’ve ever experienced the opposite of this when you put something on and it’s just perfect in every way, you’ll know that this is your authentic style. Those pieces are the ones you’re naturally drawn to and make sense in every way – and why is that the case? It’s because they’re in your style personality! And you just can’t beat that feeling I promise you!

Take the first step to understanding what pieces you’re mostly drawn to and what your style personality is by taking our style personality quiz.  

Here at Your Stylist by Jennifer Jones Styling, we understand that overhauling your style and rediscovering what suits you best, isn’t easy to do on your own. That’s why we have lots of bespoke packages and services to help, whether you want to rediscover your body shape, your best colour palette, your style personality and/or completely transform your style.

To find out more about how we can help you achieve that effortless and sustainable style that will get you through the peri/menopause, click here to get in touch with us or visit www.jenniferjonesstyling.com. Start making confident style choices today!