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Financial Empowerment Through Midlife Transitions

Time for a Financial Health Check

 Helen Quale is an independent Financial Advisor.  She has kindly provided some thoughts on ways women can empower themselves financially, particularly as they go through midlife transitions.

Helen says  “I am a firm believer that if you can achieve a feeling of financial well-being, you can then focus on the other areas of your life that give you joy and purpose”

“It is not my place to advise on coping strategies and individual journeys of women during midlife transitions. Where I hope I can add value and additional piece of mind is to identify areas within financial planning where a bit of awareness and education may make the difference to you and give you security going forward.

A recent article on a website www.ifamagazine.com by Meg Bratley identified;-

  • One in 10 women who have gone through the menopause stopped working as a result…
  • …with one in 25 women saying they’ve reduced their hours, according to recent research from AJ Bell Money Matters
  • A fifth of women say the menopause has impacted their confidence at work
  • A further 12% say their performance had suffered
  • Many more women resort to using holiday, sick days or even unpaid leave while they go through the menopause


In my role as financial adviser I talk to a lot to women who have just had a child, they might take career breaks or reduce their hours and there are very clear parallels to the impact of this and the impact of going through the menopause. Throw in the likelihood that it is women who tend to care for older relatives, and it is no surprise that women would have to work 19 years longer to have the same size pension. This sounds like a very sad tale but the tide is turning, awareness is building and equity is getting closer. In addition to that if you seek help and advice you can make a difference.

Financial health checklist

  • NI contributions – if you stop work you may not have enough years for a full state pension. There is the option to buy back years and some benefits will contribute to NI.
  • Consolidate pensions – it is now more common to have multiple jobs during your working life, it is possible the onset of menopause symptoms leads you to taking a different job. With work placed pensions they are unlikely to be tailored to your feelings about financial risk or ethical beliefs. You may not monitor the performance of even know what your retirement income may look like. In addition to this multiple pensions involves multiple administration!
  • It is likely you have unused pension allowance from previous years, in the event you have a lump sum using this unused allowance can make a huge difference to retirement. Remember for every £100 contributed it is worth £125.
  • Even if you aren’t working you can fund your pension, every little bit helps.

If you would like to know more about any of the above or have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me.”


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Helen Quayle